Hello Spring!

Spring plays hard to get in the Midwest. She flirts and bats her eyes with early crocus blossoms that pop up through snow and prematurely excite us. But she is not to be so easily had. Collectively, we are so “over” the monotonous solitude of winter, tucked into mattresses of garments, head down, aching for color, for scent and touch. But, despite early flashes, spring will make us wait for her glory.

PerwinkleSometime in February we begin to think about Easter, that fickle date backwardly calculated from the moon phase and solstice, and a romantic yearning begins. For what is spring but a glorious romance? Everywhere are flowers, birds and bees, displaying splendor for all to see. Petals open, stamen reach out and the air is filled with the pheromones of both flora and fauna. Spring’s colors beguile us too: blushes of pink, eruptions of orange and yellow, lipsticks of red, boudoirs of purple and blue. Trees and grass go green: “Veni, vidi, viride!”

PnkDogwoodBut, ah, how Mother Nature delivers, as can be seen in these glorious photos. She delivers in a way that makes us forget everything but the sensuous explosion around us.
St. Louis County, your annual romance has arrived.

So we’ll wait if we must on spring’s romances,
We’ll pine for the days when Missouri is ablaze.
And our hearts will not darken over interrupted dances,
We will hold ourselves ready for those spectacular days.