Want To Improve Your Photo Skills? Try A Meetup

L1030326_DxOTwice a year, Mother Nature puts on a colorful show in eastern Missouri: fall and early spring. The month of April offers a perfect opportunity to get out and see blooming flowers and trees. In fact, the Missouri Department of Conservation suggests this month is prime time for the state’s colorful woodland trees, beginning with dogwoods.

While you’re out looking at the flora, why not take a camera along? The colors of spring flowers offer a perfect subject for photos. You don’t need a fancy DSLR either. A smartphone will do nicely—the photo below of irises was taken with an iPhone 6.

Photographed at dusk with an iPhone 6-plus.

If you want to improve your photo skills and meet people with similar interests, the St. Louis area has a half-dozen photography meetup groups. There are meetups that specialize in portraits, nature and fashion.

The big kahuna of these groups, with 1,500 members, is the Saint Louis Photography Club. The annual dues of $25 gets you access to many interesting photo walks and meetups. One popular photo experience from the club is held at the Endangered Wolf Center. Upcoming events include a photo walk in the University City Loop.

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Ed Crim, leader of the Saint Louis Photo Club.

In addition, the Saint Louis Photo Club offers free monthly photo critiques led by local noted photographer Edward Crim at the host location, the St. Louis Photo Authority. That’s where members attend classes, workshops and the annual photo contest. It’s open to all members and the work on display shows the talents and versatility of local photo enthusiasts.

Denise McKay
Denise McKay and her award-winning macro photos.

One of those people is Denise McKay, who captures memorable images with her Sony digital camera and macro lens. Denise took first place in the 2017 contest with her close-up shots of plant life. Although she isn’t ordinarily a joiner, Denise told me she enjoys the Saint Louis Photo Club.

“It does make me go places where I might not think about going,” she said, “especially at night, because I’ll be with a larger group.”

Saint Louis Photography Club
Saint Louis Photo Authority

Author: Bill Motchan

I am a freelance writer and photographer. For fun, I play golf and listen to Little Feat. I am also on a longterm quest to learn to play blues and jazz piano and organ.