Wednesday Night Jazz Jam @Nesby’s – Sunset Hills


You’ve made it intact through hump day at work. Looking for a little jazz to mellow out the week? Sounds like a plan. Even better, a legit jam session, expertly smoked meat, and all within the confines of St. Louis County.


Welcome to @Nesby’s Bar & Grill. This family-owned restaurant in the heart of Sunset Hills is where you’ll find many of the region’s finest jazz musicians taking turns entertaining the crowd, themselves and each other.

A typical Wednesday night yields several drummers, guitarists, vocalists, pianists, trumpet and sax players. Most of these musicians entertain regularly in the well-known jazz halls of St. Louis, including the Sheldon Concert Hall and Jazz at the Bistro. Those performances are often heavily arranged and meticulously rehearsed. The atmosphere you’ll encounter at @Nesby’s is a much more casual and intimate jam session.


Patrons can choose to sit in the restaurant area, a large space where conversation can accompany your musical experience, or in the lounge, rubbing elbows with the musicians. As the evening progresses and more musicians arrive, you will literally be surrounded by music in all directions.

A “jam session” is an informal gathering of musicians who are there to improvise solos, try out new styles and ideas, learn new material and, most importantly, luxuriate in their love of music and collaboration. Origins of jamming have been traced back to ancient Egypt, but it was the jazz musicians of the 20th century that embraced the tradition and made it their own.

The goal of the jam session is to constantly mix up the available players so that everyone gets a chance to participate. Musicians from competing bands and varying styles are able to commingle on the same bandstand, trading musical ideas and challenges, as well as cheering each other on. There is no true division between player and audience, all are welcome to this shared admiration of musical ability.

Nesby Moore

An additional perk at this jam is @Nesby’s menu, which caters to lovers of wings, barbeque and smoked meats. Owner Nesby Moore, a proficient drummer himself, regularly participates in the performance and can lay down a mean funk!

@Nesby’s is located on South Lindbergh Boulevard, about a half mile south of Highway 44. The restaurant is located in the front of the Econo Lodge Southwest and there is plenty of free parking.


@Nesby’s Bar & Grill
3730 S Lindbergh Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63127
(314) 270-3888