A Jewish Joke: New Jewish Theatre presents a drama about a comedy

New Jewish Theatre presents the one man play, “A Jewish Joke” written and performed by Phil Johnson. Set in 1950’s Hollywood at the height of McCarthyism, the play focuses on a very dark time in U.S. history when many careers were ruined by friends and colleagues with just a whisper.


Bernie Lutz is a hot-tempered comedy screenwriter and a partner in the writing team of Lutz and Frumsky. The duo write scrips for the Marx Brothers, Danny Kaye and for NBC. The play takes place at a time when Lutz and Frumsky’s new movie, “The Big Casbah,” is about to premiere and potentially give their careers a huge boost.

Bernie finds out that he and his partner, Morris Frumsky, have been placed on a “blacklist” for their ties to Communists in the movie industry. Asked to rat out Morris, his friend of 30 years, Bernie must choose between saving his career or his self-respect.


“A Jewish Joke” runs November 29 – December 10. The New Jewish Theatre is located in the Wool Studio Theater in the Arts & Education Building of the J’s Staenberg Family Complex at 2 Millstone Campus Drive in Creve Coeur.

For information, visit newjewishtheatre.org.