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Saving the Environment One Classroom at a Time

While visiting the St. Louis area, a teacher from Mississippi happened upon the St. Louis Teacher’s Recycle Center and found dozens of newly donated beakers, glass test tubes and other classroom laboratory equipment. The teacher told founding Executive Director Susan Blandford “if it wasn’t for your program we wouldn’t have Science class, because all of the materials have to come […]

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Scrimshaw: A Whale of an Art Form

Utilizing the art of Scrimshaw, a centuries old technique originally developed by sailors on whaling vessels, artist Michelle “Mike” Ochonicky from Eureka is one of those rare individuals who has been able to achieve a lifelong career working as an artist. Asked how she found herself working with scrimshaw, Mike relayed, ““It’s an American art form, it’s a folk art, […]

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The St. Louis Carousel: A Treasure Saved

Carousels have been a part of history for more than a thousand years and certainly since the Middle Ages when knights used them for training purposes. The name itself is derived from the Spanish word “carosella,” or “little battle.” Objects, like the proverbial brass ring, were placed outside the carousel and were to be grabbed or skewered by the knight’s […]

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